Rehabilitation Services

Your pathway will include therapy goals, exercises and specific tasks that will help you to guide you on
your way from your hospital bed to living Your life again. Our physicians, nurses, rehabilitation therapists
and clinical staff will guide you every step of the way and inform you and your family of the progress you are making.

Complete Therapy Program

Provided by licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists
Therapy services provided 7 days a week
We design our program to meet your individual needs whether you require several hours
of therapy per day or can only tolerate 30 minutes per day
Modern facilities with up to date equipment
Rehabilitation clinics showcase full kitchen and bathroom set ups t o practice home management skills

Click here for more detailed information about Torrington Health and Rehabilitation Centers Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

Nursing Care

IV Therapy for Antibiotics and Hydration
Orthopedic Recovery
Respiratory Therapy
Diabetic Management
Pain Management
Wound Care
Stroke and Neurological Care
Temporary Stays for Caregiver Relief (Respite Care)
Hospice Care

A Full Complement of Programs

Social Work and Discharge Planning
Recreation Activities and Events
Nutritional Counseling
Selective Menus with Ethnic Food Choices
Hairdressing and Barber
Laundry, Housekeeping and Maintenance
Attending Physician Services
Psychiatric Support
Financial Counseling
Podiatry, Audiology, Dental, Ophthalmology Care